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Timeline of #NYPrimary Problems

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Who are we?

We are a group of New Yorkers who came together at a protest in front of the Brooklyn Board of Elections on April 20th, the day after the New York Presidential Primary Elections.

A core group of us have relentlessly been conducting our own investigation, attending and archiving public hearings, seeking out disenfranchised voters, and finding our organizational allies.

What do we want?

We are demanding accountability from the state and local Boards of Elections for all of the failings that resulted in eligible voters being denied their rights on April 19th. We believe that the problems are significant enough to warrant a complete decertification of the NYC Primary, if not the state. At the very least, we believe all affidavit ballots should be reviewed by an independent authority, and fully counted in the official tally.

We are also working to highlight common-sense election reforms that have been proposed and ignored by our state legislature for far too long. Specifically the work of groups like Common Cause, the New York Democratic Lawyers Council, the Brennan Center for Justice, and the Demand Democracy coalition.

How can you help?

Join our mailing list to stay aware of important news, upcoming events, and actions. To submit corrections or additions to the timeline, to volunteer, or for any general inquiries, email us info@nyelectionjustice.org.

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We are not formally accepting donations as a group at this time, however our coordinator and investigator, Brian Douglas, is seeking reader support for his work on this case.